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The Wooden Door Company provides expert repair and restoration services for front, back and interior wood doors. Our goal is to keep your property secure, energy-efficient and looking great.

Small repairs to major restorations. Our services ensure you tick all the boxes.


Repairing wooden doors is our forte

Whether it’s a small crack or gaping hole, we can provide an effective solution for your external or interior wooden door. Our repairs tackle the root cause, ensuring your front, back or even garage door is ready to stand the test of time.

Why you don’t need to replace

When you find a crack or hole in your wooden door, most people immediately think they need to replace it. Unfortunately, a lot of companies will go along with this to get the most out of their customers. But it’s not always the best solution. And that’s not the way we work. Replacements can be expensive and it’s sometimes tricky to find a new wooden door that matches your property’s style and character.

Fortunately, unlike uPVC alternatives, which need to be fully replaced whenever there’s a problem, wooden doors can be effectively repaired again and again. That’s the joy of natural materials. The problem area can be isolated, removed and replaced with a new hardwood panel. That eliminates any chance of the problem developing and leaves your door looking as good as new.

Versatile wooden door repairs

At The Wooden Door Company, we tailor our services to your requirements. As a team of expert carpenters and engineers, we can repair any type of door – including front doors, internal doors, back doors, French doors, sliding doors and wooden garage doors. Best of all, our repair services cover a wide range of issues:

Wood decay and rot

Draughts or poor insulation

Cracks and holes

Door panel replacement

Glass repairs

Metalwork including hinges, letterboxes and numbers

Door frame repairs

Where possible, wooden door repair is much better than replacement. The price tag is lower, it helps maintain the heritage of your home and it’s better for the environment too.

More about how we repair wooden doors

How we repair wooden doors

We take a number of steps to provide a truly comprehensive repair service for any wooden door…

1.   Inspection

First and foremost, we inspect every door to assess the problem and identify the root cause. This allows us to recommend the best course of action. It’s no use patching over a crack, for instance, if the underlying cause was water ingress at the bottom of the door.

2.   Repair

We meticulously isolate the problem area, whether it’s part of the door frame, a cracked door panel or a rotten section at the edge of the door. This area is replaced with a bespoke piece of hardwood or a replacement pane, letterbox or hinge for door accessory repairs.

3.   Finishing touches

Our team will then treat the newly repaired area and the rest of your door if required. Whether it’s resealing around a new window pane or painting over a new wooden panel – we’ll do whatever it takes to protect your door in future and get it looking the part.


Wooden Door Restoration is much more than just a quick repair

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with your door. It might have developed a number of issues over the years leaving it poorly insulated and offering a lack of protection for your property. In many cases, doors simply don’t look the part. Time to replace? Maybe not. A comprehensive door restoration can transform even the oldest doors back to their beautiful best.

Transforming your wooden door

As well as the traditional appearance and fantastic longevity, one of the best things about wooden doors is that they can be restored. With modern uPVC alternatives, the smallest problem can force you into an expensive replacement. However, wooden doors can be repaired, treated and modified to restore both their performance and appearance.

The results are unbelievable. Together with our partners we can transform a door that seems to be in a state of disrepair, into one that looks and feels truly brand new. Thermal efficiency, improved security and amazing kerb appeal are just some of the benefits you can expect. That’s not even mentioning the money you’ll save without the need for constant repairs and replacements.

Which doors can we restore?

At The Wooden Door Company, our team has expertise across the board. 

Put simply, that means we can restore doors with all kinds of issues:

 Poor draught-proofing

Cracked panels

Decay or rot

Flaking paint

Worn metalwork

 Loose hinges

 Broken frames

From wooden front doors and interior doors to French doors and wooden sliding doors, our restorations are suitable for all door shapes and sizes. Crucially, we tailor each restoration to the requirements of your property and your door.  

More about how we restore wooden doors

Our wooden door restoration process


We don’t cut any corners when it comes to the restoration of your wooden door. Every door goes through the same process to make sure each element is completely renewed and ready to impress.

1.   Removal

Wherever possible, we will remove the door from your property and install a bespoke temporary replacement. This allows us to minimise disruption to your day-to-day life and complete the restoration in our suitable warehouse environment for the best results.

2.   Repair

The next step is to make crucial repairs to your wooden door. We will isolate problem areas and replace them with hardwood panels to eliminate any developing damage such as cracks or decay.

3.   Stripping

You would be surprised how many problems originate from flaky paint on wooden doors. We’ll remove any old paint from your door by hand to create a smooth hardwood surface, onto which fresh paint can be applied directly.

4.   Metalwork

It’s no use having a beautifully restored wooden front door if the handle, hinges, letterbox or even numbers are old, worn and poorly functioning. We’ll replace them with brand new features to match the renewed appearance and function of your restored door.

5.   Glazing

Whether it’s a small door window or large panel on a French or sliding door, glazing plays a key role in a door’s performance and aesthetics. Where required, we’ll replace broken or inefficient glazing and add new sealing around windows to improve the door’s security and thermal efficiency.

6.   Draught-proofing

Our team will then add our effective draught-sealing system to your wooden door. Put simply, this forms an effective seal around the door’s perimeter to block out any draughts without impeding on the door’s movement.

7.   Painting

Last but not least, we’ll meticulously hand-paint your wooden door to complete the restoration. Our team uses only the highest quality paint products in your choice of colour to give your door maximum protection long into the future.

More about wooden doors in London and other areas


The Wooden Door Company has spent countless years repairing, restoring and replacing London’s beautiful wooden doors. With that experience comes not only a deep understanding, but an adoration, of the stunning, unique design and architecture found in the UK capital.

London is a city as diverse as they come, with century upon century of rich history culminating on today’s streets and homes. That’s certainly evident in the variety of door styles you will find from distinct periods.

Georgian: 1714-1837

Like many historic periods in Britain, the Georgian era is defined by the monarch. In this case, there were four – George I, II, III and IV. The period came in the aftermath of the plague, meaning the population was back on the up and new properties were being built across the country.

As a result, there are countless Georgian doors across the UK and across London. They are some of the oldest surviving doors in the world – and they’re understandably world-renowned. None more so than the door on 10 Downing Street, which can be seen greeting world leaders with its striking black aesthetic.

As seen on the Prime Minister’s door, Georgian doors have a characteristic six-panel design. But surviving 300 years is no mean feat. These doors are also distinctively heavy and strong. In many cases, they’re also wider than modern doors.

Victorian: 1837-1901

Advances in manufacturing made glass more readily available into the 19thcentury. Many Victorian doors in London have glass panels, ranging from a small single window to multiple panes on the top half of the door.

As time went on, these panels got bigger, eventually making up the entire top half of some front doors. The mid 1800s also saw a resurgence in stained glass and floral designs, which can still be seen on a variety of London doors.

While front doors have always been a sign of wealth, this became particularly prominent under Queen Victoria. Doors maintained elements of the panelled design from the Georgian era but were often more decorative and elaborate.

Edwardian: 1901-1910

Despite lasting just under a decade, the Edwardian era developed its own distinctive style characteristics. The overt extravagance of the Victorians was no longer on trend. Things became more subtle. What better way to show your class than with a simple but elegant front door?

Edwardian front doors in London are known for their simplistic design, in some ways paying homage to Georgian front doors. Clean panelling is accompanied by traditional metalwork, quite often in classic colours. However, given that wooden doors can be repainted, this is often down to the homeowner themselves.

Interwar: 1919-1939

Wooden doors continued to be prevalent in London throughout the 20s and 30s. In many cases, they reflected the upbeat spirit of post-war Britain. London’s doors from the “roaring twenties” are often painted in bright, bold colours. However, they maintain the same strength and structural integrity of traditional wooden doors.

Given that over four million homes were built across the country, many took a more functional approach. This saw the classic Georgian fanlight become less prevalent, for instance. However, London’s interwar doors are some of the most diverse in size and style.

Modern front doors: 1945-present

Despite the advent of uPVC in the 70s and 80s, wooden doors remain a popular choice in London to this day. They offer strength and efficiency, combined with style and character. Because they can be renovated and repaired, they also provide impressive longevity compared to uPVC which generally needs to be replaced.

Whether it’s a completely new installation or a bespoke replacement, modern wooden doors take on a range of styles and designs. In many cases, these doors echo the characteristics of yesteryear, with traditional panelling, classic colours and heritage features such as fanlights, decorative glass and vintage metalwork.



Specialist, bespoke wooden door services across the UK

The Wooden Door Company is a team of expert carpenters and engineers based in London. We’re passionate about the preservation of one of Britain’s finest features – the classic wooden door. That’s exactly why we provide the highest quality repairs and restorations for homeowners and commercial properties throughout the capital and further afield. Over decades of combined experience in the industry, we’ve worked on doors of all shapes and sizes. We’ve also tackled everything from single door repairs to restorations on multiple properties. Put simply, we’re a time-served team that you can trust to deliver on time to the highest standards. 

High-quality, ethically sourced materials 

Guaranteed satisfaction with full warranties

Clear, honest pricing with no hidden costs

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