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Over time, wooden doors can fade and lose their colour. This can make them appear older. It can also expose them to possible damage, as the layer of varnish protecting the wood becomes thinner. For this reason, some people might contemplate purchasing a new door. However, it’s much cheaper and easier to spend a few minutes refinishing it. Let’s look at how this simple process works.

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Remove other door parts

 Metal hinge and screws on a wooden frame

First, you need to remove the door from its hinges. Usually, this is as simple as getting someone to hold the door in place while you remove the screws. Once this is complete, lay the door flat across two sawhorses. Afterwards, you need to remove any knobs, locks, and hinges from the door. This should leave you with nothing but the wooden surface. When removing these items, you should put them into separate bags. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally get the components mixed up, making it easier for you to re-attach them to the door. Once this preparation work is completed, you can start refinishing the door.

Sand the surface

Carpenter sanding the wooden door

To refinish a door, you need to sand the surface. This will remove any old varnish and prepare the surface to receive a fresh coat. Subsequently, go over the door carefully looking for any divots or scratches. If left untreated, this can result in long-term damage to the door. If you find any, gently squeeze wood filler into the scratch mark. This will fill in the scratch and prevent any future damage. For larger holes, you should use a stick of dowel wood. Find a length that will fit into the hole, then place glue on one end. Push the glued section into the door. Sand any additional length from the dowel and fill in any gaps with wood filler.

Apply varnish

The next step is applying varnish to the door. This will also protect it from damage while adding some colour to the wood. There are multiple shades of wood varnish to choose from; find something that will work with the style of your home. To get the best results, you should always brush in the same direction as the wood grain. You should also use multiple coats of varnish to give you the best colour and give the wood the most protection. Wait until the varnish is dry. Then, attach any hinges, locks, and knobs. Finally, you can re-hang the door. This is a great chance to remove any dirt or debris from the hinges. It will also ensure your door opens and closes smoothly.

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Over time, it’s natural for wooden doors to lose some of their colourations. This can make them appear old. The thinner layer of varnish a may also expose the wood and lead to a higher chance of getting scratched. Thankfully, this problem can be easily solved. We discussed how you can refinish your wooden door, making it look young once more. Experience how these simple actions can rejuvenate a wooden door by following these simple steps.

Pieter Boyce - Wooden Window and door specialist

Pieter Boyce
Wooden Window and Door Specialist

This article was written on behalf of The Wooden Door Company by Pieter Boyce. Pieter has an intense passion for English Architectural history and has been specialising in the conservation of original wooden windows and doors for decades. His exceptional knowledge of timber windows and doors, both listed or non-listed, is attributed to his hands-on approach to learning all aspects of the complete restoration of original features as well as having personally surveyed thousands of items throughout his long tenure as a head surveyor for one of the largest window and door restoration companies in the UK. He now runs a boutique wooden window and door consultancy and fervently champions the retention of original windows and doors. To learn more of Pieter’s services, visit his website at www.boultonboyce.co.uk.